FAQ - Delidocks

Depending on personal preference and site conditions, Delidocks can help you decide what type of dock would work best for you.

Generally last between 20-25 years when well maintained.  

Each float consists of a high density polyethylene plastic, which completely encapsulates a block of EPS foam.

Delidocks has a series of aluminum connectors that fit into a marine grade aluminum frame which surrounds the perimeter of each float section.

No. Our dock cubes are designed with an anti-slip surface on the top that provides additional grip and traction.

Depending on your site conditions, several types of anchoring can be used, including pile, steel struct support, concrete block with cable, H beam, chain, Seaflex.You can send us the local information and our designer will give you suggestions.

All cities, towns, counties have different regulations in what they require for getting a permit. Check with your local permitting agency.

For small project, you can install by yourself, we will send installation video to you, normally 2-3 people can finish it. For large project, we will send one engineer to guide the installation.You are responsible for the engineer&workers' labour costs($100-$150/day), accommodation and meals for labour (preliminaries and general).