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Essential Leisure Facilities for Expensive Neighbourhoods-Luxury Yacht Marina

Editor:Guangzhou Deli Docks Engineering Co.,Ltd.

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Designed,manufactured and installated by Deli Docks,the luxury yacht marina in some expensive neighbourhoods of Zhuhai,
has finished in August,2017.

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The luxury yacht embodies a free lifestyle.

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Luxury yacht is called "business opportunities floating in the golden waterways",it is a premium durable consumer goods for aquatic
With a booming economy, yacht tourism and water sports included diving, swimming, surfing and other health projects,
are becoming more and more popular.

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The philosophy of freedom, health and environmental protection,deliveried from yacht travel,Also in line with  new tourism spending 
fashion.More important,during vocations,yacht tourism can also avoid the people and traffic jams, so that body and mind is integrated
with the sea to enjoy the holiday fun.

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People can be close to nature in  prosperous and bustling.Luxury yacht marina,  like the international standard tennis court and wetland
park, waterfront wooden walkway, is essential leisure facilities for expensive neighbourhoods.

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