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[Deli News]Banliao Lake Scenic Spot floating hotel is opening soon 

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Banliao Lake is located in Youth Town south of Wansheng Economic Development Zone in Chongqing. It’s 25 kilometers away from
Wansheng City, located in traffic arteries of Wansheng, Qijiang and Guizhou. Relying on the natural water system and the mountain,
it has rich natural landscape resources and marks funny leisure base with the ecological leisure, fashion sports, passionate tour and
lakeside vacation. You can pick tea in spring, play with water in summer, pick lotus in autumn and enjoy snow in winter.

Now many waterfront areas are developed into tourist resort,waterfront travling has become the people's love.Facing the sea with
spring blossoms.Floating home is the ideal residence for many people. The hotel is floating on the water of Banliao Lake,it is the
first official planning ,design and constructed floating hotel in China,the floating hotel is also the best place for  relaxing, fishing and
sightseeing here.

The red appearance is conspicuous in the green mountains and blue waters.The wall and floor of the floating house wall  are wooden
plate, with simple interior decoration, conform to the modern simple life idea.

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To provide personalized experience service for tourists,
Banliao Lake scenic area planed and constructed  the water tribe, next to the fishing center.With gross floor area is about 864 square meters.
it will include floating hotels, viewing platform,fishing platform and waterfront plank road.
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