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Customized aluminium other structures

Delidocks can provide integrated services of aluminium constructions welding,processing and customization.

Benefits of aluminum constructions:

1.High Strength to Weight Ratio

Aluminum is about a third the weight of steel yet it has a higher load bearing capacity than steel when compared pound to pound.

2.No Maintenance Required

Due to aluminum’s natural protective coating and corrosion resistance, maintenance budgets for the long life span of an aluminum bridge are reduced or, in many cases, eliminated.


Aluminum naturally produces a protective oxide that coats the exterior and regenerates when scratched. This oxide layer is highly corrosion resistant which minimizes maintenance costs as well as preserves the aesthetically pleasing, rust-free appearance while remaining cool to the touch all year round.

4.Recyclable & Eco-Friendly

Not only do we use over 80% recycled materials during fabrication, our structures are 100% recyclable. Additionally, aluminum does not require toxic coatings to prevent corroding and flaking.

5.Ease Installation

Since aluminium structures will weigh far less than steel , transportation costs and carbon emissions are minimized. Additionally, smaller equipment, smaller abutments, and less labor are needed to install our projects. Installation time is often a fraction of other material structures.

6.Lower Cost of Ownership

When evaluating the competitive material cost , transportation costs, installation costs, maintenance costs, long service life, and recycled value aluminum constructions has a substantially lower total cost of ownership than steel structures.

7.Variety of Design Options

Aluminum structure can be designed to match any aesthetic, including a modern, industrial, vintage, or natural look. 

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